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Nooruz - vernal equinox day!

Nooruz - vernal equinox day!
On March 21, on the vernal equinox day there is celebrated a national Nooruz holiday in Kyrgyzstan.
On the eve of the holiday it is customary to pay out debts, make up with those with whom one was at quarrel. Because according to the elder, when Nooruz enters their houses, all diseases and misfortunes should stay away from them.
On the day of holiday each family sets the dastorkhon – white table cloth with different treats. For neighbors they prepare traditional soup known colloquially as sumelek, made of wheat malt with addition of flour, butter and sugar.
For each holiday we prepare thematic campaigns for our customers in our chain, in which participate goods with favorable costs. So in this year, visit us, we have holiday discounts!
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